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Franklin Baker First Food Ingredient Producer to Earn RSB Certification

Franklin Baker Company of the Philippines earned RSB certification for the growing, harvesting and supply of coconut products from farms located in the Mindanao Island, Philippines. Their products include desiccated coconut, sweetened and unsweetened toasted coconut, creamed coconut and coconut concentrate, virgin coconut oil, coconut flour and coconut water.

“RSB certification provides numerous benefits to any manufacturing organisation,” said Jerry Lorenzo, Franklin Baker’s President and CEO. “The strength of the RSB for Franklin Baker is that not only does it recognise sustainability and ethical practices, but also covers areas of global concern such as labour rights, rural development, conservation and the environment. Attention to these operating principles is not only a desired way to run a business, but also reinforces our other CSR activities in the local communities and raises our credibility status with increasingly discerning global customers. We are proud to join the elite group of companies that have achieved RSB certification.”

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