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NRDC Recommends Airlines Source Only RSB-Certified Biofuels

NRDC Recommends Airlines Source Only RSB

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)’s 2016 Aviation Scorecard report recommends that airlines should make public commitments to source only RSB certified aviation biofuels, and communicate this to fuel and feedstock producers. The NRDC also recommends that airlines without delivery contracts for RSB-certified biofuels should explore and secure them at the earliest opportunity.

All top 6 leading airlines listed in the report have contracts for delivering RSB-certified aviation biofuels. These include Air France/KLM, SAS, British Airways, SAA, United, and Cathay Pacific which are looking for and preferring RSB-certified fuel.

The report also offers good news for airlines already purchasing RSB-certified fuel, as the NRDC offered more points and higher sustainability ratings for those airlines using RSB-certified fuel than any other certification system in the world.

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