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Patrick Lynch

Founder & CEO, Bioledger - Chamber 5 - UN, Governments & Research

Patrick Lynch is responsible for compliance and supported commercial development of Greenergy’s international biofuels supply chain. This includes development of Greenergy Brazilian Sugarcane Standard which became the first EC approved Voluntary Scheme for RED. Drafted the first used cooking oil audit protocols for RTFO and RED compliance in 2010.  These were later drafted into RTFO Technical Guidance, Voluntary Schemes and industry associations.

Mr Lynch conducted gap audits at Greenergy’s new suppliers from Brazil (Sugarcane), Argentina (Soy), USA (Used cooking oil, corn ethanol, forestry residues, landfill gas), China, UAE, Saudi, Singapore, Malaysia, (all UCO) Europe (used cooking oil, tallow, sugarbeet, biometanol from AD, low grade starch slurry, waste grape marcs and wine lees, food waste). He has also designed a database and GIS analysis tool of global sustainabiliy data layers and satellite imagery to determine previous land use, high bio-carbon and biodiversity zones He is constantly involved in development of voluntary schemes for novel supply chains and resolving issues of non-compliance with suppliers and other stakeholders.

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