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Report: Roadmap for SAF Development in Ethiopia

To explore and advance Ethiopia’s capacity to produce biofuels for use as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), RSB initiated the development of a 10-year SAF Roadmap for the country – with a report detailing a roadmap for SAF development in the country now published and available to the public.

This work is published under the Fuelling the Sustainable Bioeconomy Project supported through a grant from The Boeing Company.

The main outcomes can be found in a visual Executive Summary here.

The full report can be found here.

The main purpose of the roadmap is to identify the ideal feedstock and technology mix — one that adheres to the robust RSB Standards while informing policymakers on the necessary policy actions needed to incentivise SAF and supporting the development of more proposals and plans aimed at unlocking further funding and investment into SAF research, development, and pilot production.

This report was compiled through work with a SAF Steering Committee that represented the local government, experts, and national airline in examining documentation reflecting the country’s internal and external environment. SWOT and GAP analyses were also performed. At the same time, feedstock availability was reviewed and the details of the SAF conversion pathways were reported. SAF developments from a global perspective have been also included.

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