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Collaborating on Sustainability: Reviewing 2020

RSB is pleased to publish its 2020 Annual Review and to invite you to explore our impact across three key areas:

  1. Certification
  2. Collaboration
  3. Convening our Community

Introducing the 2020 Annual Review, RSB’s Executive Director (interim) Elena Schmidt says, “Witnessing the impacts of climate change and the pandemic in parallel made it very clear that we need immediate global intervention on a scale never seen before. The time is now for companies, governments, academia, and civil society to align their activities with climate and sustainability imperatives — supporting a just transition to a bio-based and circular net zero economy... I am proud to present the highlights of what, by any definition, was a remarkable year, and to demonstrate that through global challenges, RSB continued to grow and refine its focus in 2020.”

We invite you to read the report to examine how RSB and its membership community continued to collaborate on real sustainability in 2020. Explore past Annual Reviews here.

Looking forwards, RSB will be convening members and stakeholders at the RSB Annual Conference 2021 on November 15-18 – learn more here.

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