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RSB Certification For Smallholder Groups

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RSB Principles & Criteria for Smallholder Groups

Reference code: RSB-STD-03-001 Version: 1 Date: October 2014

The RSB Principles and Criteria for Smallholder Groups presents the RSB Principles, Criteria and Requirements for the production of biomass feedstock by smallholders and for micro and small‐scale feedstock processing and biomass production. The RSB Principles, Criteria and Requirements are derived from the RSB P&C version 2.0.


RSB Standard for Certification of Smallholder Groups

Reference code: RSB-STD-03-002 Version: 1.1 Date: April 2015

RSB's Standard for Certification of Smallholder Groups specifies the RSB requirements for the certification of smallholder groups. Group certification is a mean to enable small-scale farmers (smallholders) to access RSB certification. For individual smallholders, third-party certification is not always an economically viable option. The basic understanding of group certification is that a group of farmers joins together to generate the necessary economies of scale to comply with the standard and system requirements. An appointed management unit will take over the responsibility of managing the certification process and putting the necessary systems in place to ensure the compliance of the individual group members under certification to the respective standard requirements.