Why should I choose RSB Certification?

Selecting RSB Certification demonstrates genuine commitment to the future of ethical, sustainable and credibly-source biomaterials, while ensuring that your production meets global challenges including biodiversity, poverty, hunger and climate change. Regulatory authorities in the EU, North America and beyond recognise RSB’s certification, allowing preferential market access for RSB certified biomaterials.

Here are just a few of the great reasons for choosing RSB Certification:

  1. RSB requires the most in-depth stakeholder consultation
  2. RSB’s certification process is risk-based, ensuring it is as cost-effective and user-friendly as possible, and effectively deals with the most pressing sustainability risks in every context
  3. RSB requires sustainability – not just traceability – in processing units
  4. RSB ensures zero deforestation.
  5. RSB has the only credible approach to indirect Land Use Change through our exclusive low iLUC certification module.
  6. RSB follows international best practice, as determined by ISEAL.
  7. Certification to RSB’s sustainability criteria requires compliance with 12 robust and principles for social, environmental and legal criteria.
  8. RSB’s certification is multi-feedstock (feedstock agnostic) – making it applicable for many different products, processes and facilities.
  9. RSB provides a stepwise approach to certification for smallholders, helping small scale farmers to unlock opportunities and access market share
  10. RSB has a cutting-edge approach to waste and residue materials, including non-biogenic recycled feedstocks
  11. RSB has an extremely robust approach to food security and water rights
  12. RSB is trusted and supported by NGOs worldwide, including WWF.


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