Why is RSB’s Standard the best-in-class for biomaterials sustainability?

Our Standard is based upon our 12 Principles & Criteria, which are built on the best of social, legal, environmental and management practice.

These provide the foundation for sustainable production against our Standard, which:

  1. Is global and applicable to all bio-based feedstocks and waste & residue material
  2. Covers any bio-based feedstock, biomass-derived material and any advanced fuel, as well as complete supply-chains and novel technologies
  3. Is regularly updated to reflect best practice and developments in the bioeconomy
  4. Is supported by expertly developed guidance tools for maximum efficiency in the applying the standard
  5. Is recognised the strongest and most trusted of its kind by organisations like WWF, NRDC and IUCN
  6. Is widely recognised by regulatory authorities in Europe, the US and elsewhere, allowing RSB certified products swift approvals and preferential market access
  7. Is a full member of ISEAL and complies with all of ISEAL’s rigorous and internationally recognised codes for sustainability standards.


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