What can be RSB-certified?

RSB can certify any product or fuel that is produced from sustainable biomass, as well as products and fuels that are produced from end-of-life waste and residues – including fossil-based waste.

To ensure true sustainability and traceability, we also certify complete supply chains.

What is biomass?

Biomass is a raw material of biological origin, excluding materials embedded in geological formations or transformed to fossilised materials. Examples of biomass include energy tobacco, sugarcane, grasses, reeds, flowers, trees, used cooking oil, carinata, camelina, glycerol, coconut and many more.

What is an end-of-life product?

End-of-life products are a specific type of feedstock generated at the end of the life of products that were not primarily produced or intended for the production of biofuel or biomaterial. In this way, they have reached the end of their intended supply chain, as they have been consumed, used, spoiled, etc. These end-of-life materials are diverted from disposal, thus reducing potentially harmful environmental and social impacts. Examples of end-of-life-products include municipal solid waste (MSW), used cooking oil (UCO) and wastewater.

What are by-products and residues?

By-products and residues are secondary products derived from agricultural, forestry, food or industrial production and processing chains, among others. Secondary products are not purposefully generated for their potential use as biofuel or biomaterial feedstock. These by-products and residues can be discarded or disposed of, but they can also be sold to specific markets (e.g. animal fats are often sold to the oleo-chemical industry), in order to increase the revenue of the production process.

You may also find it helpful to refer to our Glossary of Terms which provides in-depth definitions for the concepts used in the RSB Standard.


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