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Low iLUC

For operators wishing to make a “low iLUC risk” claim.

RSB’s voluntary addition adopts a rigorous approach to address negative impacts caused by indirect land-use change through a comprehensive set of principles and criteria.

Low Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC)

Voluntary addition for operators wishing to make “low iluc risk” claim.


RSB Standard


The RSB Standard enables producers and users of biomass, biochemicals and bioproducts to receive RSB certification to demonstrate responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

RSB Standard


RSB Certification for operators in any country, any region

RSB Standard

EU Red

If you are operating or selling to the EU, you should use the RSB EU RED standard to ensure compliance with European regulations. If you are not operating in Europe and don’t plan on selling to Europe, RSB Global certification may be an option for you.

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