Tools & Guidance for the RSB Standard

Use our tools and guidelines to understand the requirements of the Standard.

In order to support and guide you through the compliance process, the RSB developed specific tools and guidelines that outline the activities and practices to be implemented by operators to meet RSB requirements.

RSB guidelines are particularly helpful through the impact assessment process required under RSB Principle 2. Following the completion of the screening exercise, you may be required to conduct in-depth impact assessment on certain aspects such as soil, water or food security.

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RSB Standard

Impact Assessment Guidelines

 RSB standards deliver the most comprehensive and credible solutions to real sustainability.

RSB Standard

Indicators & Guidance

RSB Compliance Indicators and Guidance on Principles & Criteria help operators to understand what evidence will be evaluated by an auditor.

RSB Standard

About the RSB Standard

We help companies ensure sustainable production through a unique combination of characteristics, setting it apart from other schemes.

Case Study

RSB Initiates Integrated Pest Management Coalition With Other ISEAL Members

Through certification, the RSB has been contributing to the reduction of pesticide use and the elimination of the most hazardous pesticides for many years. Together with 7 other ISEAL members, RSB has been working on a common approach to pesticide reduction. In May 2016, this coalition came together and signed a historic agreement that confirms efforts to work together towards the improvement of knowledge and sustainable use of pesticides, including the elimination of Highly Hazardous Pesticides.

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