15 Jul

RSB Antitrust Statement



Antitrust – refers to a group of businesses that team up or form a monopoly in order to dictate pricing in a particular market.

Anti-competition – practices that business practice that unlawfully prevent or reduce competition in a market. 

The most common examples of businesses exhibiting this behaviour are:

– price fixing, bid rigging and other ways of agreeing not to compete (sometimes called ‘cartels’)

– abuse of a dominant market position

Antitrust Policy

RSB takes Antitrust and Anticompetition law very seriously and as such below please find a number of rules that we wish our members, participating operators and anyone present at any RSB meetings or functions to abide by:

– There should be no discussion of prices or warranties – be it of one’s own or those of a competitor – or of any factors which might affect prices such as discounts or margins, and (payment) terms and conditions of sale.

– There should be no discussion of profits, profit margins, production capacity, inventories, sales figures or cost data of one’s own, or those of a competitor.

– There should be no discussion that might lead to any agreement to raise, lower or hold present or future price levels.

– There should be no discussions regarding allocation of territories, markets, or customers nor any marketing or sales plans.

– There should be no discussions regarding the elimination, restriction or limitation of the quantity or quality of any product to be sold.

– There should be no discussion or conduct at social events incidental to meetings that would not be proper at the meetings themselves.

– All discussions during meetings must be limited to RSB related topics and avoid any discussion of any of the above.

If a subject with any anti-competitive implication or appearance is raised at any meeting, persons attending the meeting should object and request that the subject be dropped immediately. If the discussion continues, they should promptly excuse themselves from the group and physically leave.

For more information please contact us on [email protected]