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Project ICARUS

ICARUS is an EU-funded project dedicated to advancing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production by addressing critical technology limitations in three key routes:

  • Biocrude from hydrothermal liquefaction
  • Isobutanol from lignocellulosic biomass
  • Synthetic Fischer-Tropsch from biomass gasification

RSB will provide important guidance with the approach to SAF certification, developing a guidance for SAF certification of the three proposed value chains. RSB will also contribute with its knowledge and networks through the different platforms that are in place such as the RSB SAF Policy Platform and Sustainable Airports Platform.

Project details

Project dates: 2023-2026

Project funders: The ICARUS project has received funding as part of Horizon Europe’s Research and Innovation Actions, and its duration will span 36 months.

Project location: European Union with collaborative efforts with Canada, India and Brazil.

RSB project team leadBlanca de Ulibarri

Project website:

Project aims


The overarching aim is to foster the development of optimal methodologies, rooted in enhanced innovative technologies, and conceptual frameworks grounded in market access insights that span entire value chains. This aims to expedite the global expansion of sustainable aviation biofuels production.

The key outcomes will encompass:

  • Aligning with the EU’s climate mitigation targets for 2030 and 2050, as well as the ReFuelEU Aviation program.
  • Boosting the potential for the export of European renewable fuel technologies to emerging global markets.
  • Enhancing the sustainability of aviation fuels while concurrently reducing their worldwide production costs.

These objectives will be accomplished by uniting:

  • The collective wisdom and proficiency of European stakeholders along three complete value chains dedicated to sustainable aviation biofuels (SAF) production.
  • Collaborative efforts with Mission Innovation countries, including Canada, India, Brazil, and the United States – as a member of the External Executive Advisory Board (EEAB).


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