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Decarbonising Aviation Sustainably in Southeast Asia

Decarbonising aviation sustainably in Southeast Asia is a landscape-level programme project led by RSB, and powered by the Boeing Company and Standard Chartered, that aims to identify the most sustainable paths for Southeast Asia to become a global leader in sustainable aviation fuel production and use and meet regional development goals.

The project is currently in its first phase, which aims to understand how sustainable aviation fuel production could scale sustainably in Southeast Asia based on sustainable feedstock availability and economic feasibility. Phase two is planned to kick off in 2024 and will go deeper into sustainable feedstock analysis by modelling availability for the next decades. The project will also expand to further areas such as education, sustainable aviation fuel roadmap development, sustainability implementation, and book and claim.

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Project details

Project dates: 2023-2024

Project funders: The Boeing Company, Standard Chartered

Project location: Southeast Asia

RSB project team lead: Arianna Baldo, Alex Ehrenhaus, Simone Souza

Project aims


  • Sustainability feedstock assessment
    • Desktop review of available feedstock data from scientific research, market reports and other multilateral and international outlook reports.
    • Sustainability analysis of available feedstock, based on country-specific risks and through the lens of the RSB Principles & Criteria.
  • Techno-economic assessment
    • Assessment of the economic feasibility of several feedstock-pathway combinations for two regional economies.


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