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RSB Academy

RSB is a collaborative network that leverages its community, its resources and its best-in-class sustainability standard, as part of a global movement to transform critical systems that enable life on earth to thrive, and create a net positive world.

A world where the 1.5°C warming cap has been achieved with net zero emissions, and where fossil fuels are left in the ground. A world where human and labour rights are guaranteed, and where global nutrition and water access is assured. A world with productive and healthy ecosystems, maximum circularity and zero waste.

CTA Possible


Current Scenario


Negative environmental impact

  • Climate change
  • Unsustainable production practices
  • Increasing use of finite resources

negative social impact

  • Unsustainable livelihoods
  • Food insecurity
  • Water insecurity

Extractive approach to resources

  • Exploitation of natural resources
  • Linear approach
  • Waste creation

Ideal Scenario

environmentally sustainable

  • 1.5 warming cap achieved and zero emissions
  • Sustainable approach
  • Fossil fuels left in the ground

socially just

  • Hum & labour rights guaranteed
  • Global nutrition assured
  • Global water access assured

bio-based and circular resource use

  • Productive ecosystems
  • Maximum circularity
  • Zero waste

Impact alliances

As a global membership organisation, RSB provides innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and trusted certification for a sustainable bioeconomy all anchored in our sustainability framework.

RSB’s sustainability framework, which is based on 12 principles and their underlying criteria, has been developed by our multi-stakeholder membership, and is a uniquely robust and credible foundation for supporting innovative solutions to the climate crisis.


Certification to the RSB Standard covers feedstock production, entire supply chains, and novel technologies, including fuel, biomass and material products from bio-based and recycled carbon, including fossil waste.


The RSB Board of Directors will then review the application.


New members are welcomed to the RSB on a continuous basis as the application process only takes three weeks from submission to acceptance.

Still life sustainability concept composition

how change happens

RSB understands systematic and meaningful change to happen as a journey of three stages – Innovate, Build, Scale.

At the ‘Innovate’ stage, this is when visionaries start to take actions. At the ‘Build’ stage, collaboration increases as sustainability becomes a differentiator. And then, at the final ‘Scale’ stage, critical mass is achieved and an enabling environment established.

RSB seeks to form Impact Alliances across this whole journey – leveraging our three core areas at each stage:

Our ambition is to:

  • Offer a holistic sustainability framework for implementation by certification schemes across supply chains and markets.
  • Build the basis for a sustainable transformation by ensuring quantitative monitoring of sustainability impacts and performance improvements via a digital platform offering.
  • Scale the sustainable transformation of sectors through systems that generate incentives for improved sustainability performance.
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RSB’s Governance Structure

RSB’s Governance Structure

To ensure a balance between business interests and the interests of civil society, the RSB community is organised into five Chambers. The five Chambers elect the Assembly of Delegates who are the governing body of the organisation. The Assembly of Delegates appoints a Board of Directors to set strategy and provide oversight to the Secretariat. The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

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