Blockchain database for sustainable biofuels


The Blockchain database for sustainable biofuels programme is jointly led by RSB and Bioledger and aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a blockchain-based database solution for the European biofuels market, with an initial focus on the used cooking oil (UCO) biodiesel supply chain.


The growth and integrity of the sustainable biofuels industry, as well as the interests it seeks to protect, are in jeopardy due to the vulnerabilities in methods it currently uses for tracking transaction claims and verifying their authenticity.


RSB and Bioledger explored a solution to this risk, leading to the development of a highly innovative, simple, and secure centralised database for tracking the data generated by biofuels transactions, utilising the powerful and incorruptible capabilities offered by blockchain technology.

Programme Aims

1. Develop and test a prototype blockchain database to enable traceability of sustainably certified used cooking oil (UCO) and biodiesel sold in the EU.
2. Prove the viability of blockchain as a tool to increase security and credibility of claims.
3. Develop a governance method and business model for a blockchain database for sustainable biofuels.



Programme Timeline

  1. March 2020:

    Programme kick off and pilot introduced to key stakeholders

  2. April 2020:

    Gap analysis of current systems to determine commercial use case for a blockchain database

  3. May 2020:

    Industry partners collaborate with transfer consignments for the prototype database

  4. June 2020:

    Transfers are reviewed for integrity and traceability

  5. July 2020:

    Industry partners provide feedback and recommendations based on the pilot experience

  6. November 2020:

    Results were presented via stakeholder webinars

  7. March 2021:

    Final report and Executive Summary Published

Programme Outputs