Trusted Solutions for a New World®
Trusted Solutions for a New World®

Stephen Elliott-Wetmore

Chair RSB Board - Chamber 4 - Environmental

A social economist by training, Stephen is more a strategist and pragmatic optimist with a deep knowledge and blended experience in the fields of community development, sustainability, innovation, and market transformation. Driven by the desire for social, economic and environmental justice, he has often combined formal work experience with social enterprise. With more than 20 years’ experience, he brings a range of leadership roles and unique perspectives and experience, garnered as an NGO activist, researcher, academic, business initiator, social entrepreneur, corporate consultant and policy advisor.

Always looking for collaboration and finding synergy, Stephen drives Sustainable Business, Partnerships, and Innovations with WWF.  Much of his work targets market transformation, and low carbon bio-economy transitions.  He works with industries and companies alike in the analyses of risks and targets, married with the development of innovations, new ideas, alternatives, shifts and opportunities, towards developing sustainability strategies and shaping business models.


Board of Directors

Laurel Harmon

Lanzatech - Director RSB Board - Chamber 1

Dr. Harmon provides policy direction and leadership on international legislative and regulatory matters and develops collaborative research and demonstration projects for LanzaTech.

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Maiju Helin

UPM Biofuels - Director RSB Board - Chamber 1

Maiju Helin is Head of Sustainability and Market Development at UPM Biofuels based in Helsinki, Finland.

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Robert Boyd

IATA - Treasurer RSB board - Chamber 2

Robert Boyd holds the position of Manager Environment – Alternative Fuels, within the Environment department at the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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Deberson Ferreira Jesus

Ethical Sugar - Director RSB Board - Chamber 3

Dr. Deberson Ferreira Jesus received a PhD in Political Sociology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). His research has investigated aspects of trans-national governance of commodity supply chains through sustainability standards and certification.

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Kevin Fingerman

Humboldt State University - Director RSB Board - Chamber 5

Dr. Kevin Fingerman is an Assistant Professor in the department of Environmental Science and Management at Humboldt State University.

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Stephen Elliott-Wetmore

WWF South Africa - Chair RSB Board - Chamber 4

Stephen Elliott-Wetmore drives Sustainable Business, Partnerships, and Innovations with WWF.

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