Bing Xu

Heriot Watt University - Chamber 5 - UN, Governments and Research

Dr Bing Xu is an Associate Professor in Finance in the School of Social Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK. She holds an MA(Hons) in Business Studies & Accounting and a PhD in Management, both from the University of Edinburgh. Her research concerns banking and finance, energy economics, data envelopment analysis, and multi-criteria decision-making analysis. She has also worked on several funded energy projects on the design of multidimensional frameworks to evaluate competing strategies by focusing on attitudes, motivations and stakeholders. Currently, Bing leads the work package on policy and public engagement on two EPSRC funded projects on low carbon fuels.

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Alix Grabowski

WWF USA)- Chamber 4

Alix Grabowski’s work as Program Officer of Packaging and Material Science with WWF covers all aspects of packaging and material sustainability concerns, including bioplastics and biomaterials.

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Steven Le Moing

Airbus - Chamber 2

Steven LE MOING is head of Low Carbon Fuels Regulation and in charge of managing Sustainable Aviation Fuels for Airbus.

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Deberson Ferreira Jesus


Dr. Deberson Ferreira Jesus received a PhD in Political Sociology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). His research has investigated aspects of trans-national governance of commodity supply chains through sustainability standards and certification.

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Jayant Sarnaik

Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) (India) - Director RSB Board - Chamber 4

Jayant Sarnaik, based in Pune, Maharashtra, India is founder member and joint director of the Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF), a conservation NGO.

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Mauro Armelin

Amigos da Terra - Chamber 4

A Forest Engineer with a Masters degree in Forest Science from ESALQ / USP,  Mauro has over  twenty years of experience working with various NGOs and at the Brazilian Federal Government.

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Glenn Johnston

Agrisoma - Chamber 1

Glenn Johnston is the Executive Director Regulatory Affairs at Agrisoma and has over 28 years’ experience in the biotech/chemical global regulatory arena.

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Liisa Ranta

UPM Biofuels - Chamber 1

Liisa Ranta is a Sustainability Manager at UPM Biofuels Development, based in Helsinki, Finland. She is responsible for sustainability and regulative matters related to different biofuels development initiatives.

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Leonardo B. Rosario

Trowel Development Foundation - Chamber 3

Leonardo B. Rosario is a development manager with more than 30 years professional experience in project development and management, sustainability auditing and participatory action research, among others.

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Valentina Vecchio

Boeing - Chamber 2

Valentina engages with European Union stakeholders to shape the
development of regulatory frameworks on sustainable aviation fuels and aviation emissions reductions.

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John Kornerup Bang

Maersk - Chamber 2

John Kornerup Bang is Head of Sustainability Strategy and Chief Advisor on Climate Change at Maersk

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Srinivasan Ramachandran

JOil - Chamber 1

Dr Srinivasan Ramachandran is Chief Technology Officer and a Director at JOil Singapore

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Richard A. Olliver

Aplethora Energy Services - Chamber 5

Richard A. Olliver is Founder, President & CEO of Aplethora Energy Services in Houston, Texas

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Patrick Lynch

Greenergy - Chamber 5

Patrick Lynch is a Biofuel Feedstock Trader & Head of Sustainability at Greenergy

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Dr Joseph Githiomi

KEFRI - Chamber 5

Dr Joseph Githiomi is Deputy Director for Forest Products Development at KEFRI

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Fongoh Eric

ICENECDEV - Chamber 3

Fongoh Eric is the Co-founder and Director of International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV)

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About Us

The RSB offers trusted, credible tools and solutions for sustainability and biomaterials certification that mitigate business risk, fuels the bioeconomy and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that enables restoration of ecosystems and the promotion of food security.

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