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RSB Membership Dues Waiver Application

Please note that members in Chambers 3 and 4 are automatically exempt from membership fees. You do not need to apply for a fee waiver.
Only academic institutions, or organisations based in the Global South qualify for Membership dues waivers.
Please enter the number requested only (no % sign)
Please note membership dues waivers for financial hardship are only available for a
maximum of two consecutive years. If you have any queries, please contact Hannah Walker
([email protected]) and Sam Hansen ([email protected]) to discuss.

Please provide rationale explaining the temporary nature of your organisation’s financial
hardship, detailing your organisation’s commitment to continued engagement with RSB,
alternative contributions your organisation may provide in this calendar year, and plan for
future dues payments.

Thank you for actively supporting RSB’s work!
To evaluate an application for a dues reduction based on in-kind contributions, please
provide the following details:

RSB welcomes start ups within our membership and offer a 70% reduction during your first 3
years of operation provided you are also participating actively in RSB platforms or initiatives.

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