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Oona Koski

UPM Biofuels - Chamber 1 - Growers & Producers

Oona Koski is a Sustainability Manager at UPM Biofuels. She joined UPM nearly 10 years ago and has an extensive experience on sustainability. Oona’s role in UPM Biofuels is focused on sustainability and market development with a wide scope including existing advanced biofuels, as well as the new innovations in Power-to-X solutions and new fuel development for SAF and marine. In addition she is actively working to develop new sustainable biomass production concepts, such as carbon farming with internal and external stakeholders.


In addition to having extensive experience in the circular economy and different raw material value chains, Oona is passionate about the sustainability and has the heart of an engineer – a people’s person with analytical and fact-based touch. She has worked in multicultural teams with a global approach – building sustainability as an integrated part of business, policies and communication, and relying on strong partnerships to find solutions that helps the industry to continuously develop.

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