Graham Cox
Tensei - Chamber 2 - End Users, Blenders & Investors

Graham Cox is a co-founder and, since 2016, CTO of Tensei Ltd, a bio-tech company developing the use of non-wood fibres, primarily agri-residues and grasses, and their by-products for materials to be used in technical papers and bio-composites.

As Tensei CTO, Graham’s role is to manage the pathway between concept brief and development, prototyping, compliance (including BRC and EU Food Contact Material manufacture and supply), commercial viability, logistics and final realisation. He coordinates global teams of specialists, working with Scientists and Engineers in Canada, UK, France and Germany in addition to Paper Mills in UK, France and China and with Clients in USA, India, UK and Italy.

Prior to Tensei, Graham owned an Architectural and Project Management company specialising in the Hospitality Sector for 30+ years and was co- founder of SCIN, the largest independent materials resource and advisory company in the UK.