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RSB Document Library


RSB’s library is a repository of all documents relating to membership, certification, our sustainability framework, standards and procedures, and other general RSB publications.

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20-001 RSB Procedure for Traceability (Chain of Custody)

  • Reference code: RSB-PRO-20-001
  • Version: 3.2
  • Date: May 2020
RSB’s Procedure for Traceability aims to ensure that Participating Operators put in place a robust and transparent chain of custody system that provides traceability for the RSB Certified Material acquired from and/or delivered to other operators in the supply chain.

20-001-001 RSB Book and Claim Manual

  • Reference code: RSB-PRO-20-001-001
  • Version: 3.0
  • Date: March 2023
This procedure describes the principles and rules of the RSB Book & Claim System, which consists of the RSB Book & Claim Manual and the RSB Registry (and network of recognised registries).

20-001-002 Procedure for Registry Book & Claim Recognition

  • Reference code: RSB-PRO-20-001-002
  • Version: 1.0
  • Date: March 2024
The RSB Book & Claim Recognition Procedure describes the requirements and the process that an independent book and claim registry operator must fulfil to demonstrate compliance with principles outlined in the RSB Book & Claim Manual.

30-001 RSB Procedure for Participating Operators

  • Reference code: RSB-PRO-30-001
  • Version: 3.4
  • Date: December 2023
The RSB Standard for Participating Operators sets out the conditions operators shall meet when taking part in RSB certification systems. Operators taking part in RSB certification systems are referred to as ‘Participating Operators’ (POs). POs have control over, and take full responsibility for, all operations, processes, activities and sites in connection with putting RSB standards in place at all times. This standard also describes the role of the RSB Secretariat.

45-001 RSB Procedure for Risk Management

  • Reference code: RSB-PRO-45-001
  • Version: 1.2
  • Date: December 2023
This procedure describes a risk management system based on the international standard ISO 31000 (Risk management – Principles and guidelines).

50-001 RSB Procedure for Communication and Claims

  • Reference code: RSB-PRO-50-001
  • Version: 3.5
  • Date: November 2020
RSB’s Procedure on Communications and Claims sets out the requirements Participating Operators must meet when using the RSB trademarks (e.g. RSB name, RSB logo, RSB Strapline, RSB on-product label) and compliance claims in association with certified products (“product-related claims”), as well as in general communication.

60-001 RSB Procedure for Risk Management

  • Reference code: RSB-PRO-60-001
  • Version: 3.3
  • Date: May 2021
RSB’s Procedure for Risk Management aims to make sure that Participating Operators identify, evaluate, mitigate and monitor the risk(s) related to their operations while putting in place RSB standards and procedures.
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