RSB's Event Calendar in 2023

In-person events

*please note that these in-person events are subject to change and dates are tentative at this time.

Event Location Dates* Attendance
RSB Ports Meeting Copenhagen, Denmark 22-23 March RSB members only
NGO Meet & Greet
International Environment House 2, Switzerland 29 March Public (registrations limited)
RSB Transition Leaders Forum: Connecting the dots for a biocircular economy PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore 22-23 May RSB members only + invited guests
Advancing the Brazilian Bioeconomy Sao Paulo, Brazil August RSB members + invited guests
Exploring Sustainable Feedstocks in North America USA October RSB members only
RSB Annual Conference & Assembly of Delegates Geneva, Switzerland 14-16 November Public (with member-only sessions)


Virtual events

RSB’s various platforms and initiatives host a range of virtual meetings and learning sessions throughout the year. Explore each platform and sign-up to access this calendar:


Event Location Dates* Attendance
Info session on Book and Claim Platform Online 14th February RSB members only
Q1 Member Call Online 16th February RSB members only
Q1 GSWG Call Online 20th February RSB members only
Info session on Sustainable Marine Fuel Platform Online 20th February RSB members + invited guests
RSB + BioLedger UDB webinar Online 22nd February Public
RSB Principles & Criteria Webinar
Online 20th April RSB members only
RSB Certification 101 Online 26th April RSB Participating Operators
Feedstock Availability in Brazil Online May 2023 RSB members only
Q2 Member Call Online 15th June RSB members only
RSB & Horizon Europe
Online June 2023 RSB members and invited guests
RSB’s Approach on Woody Biomass – Pilots Online August 2023 RSB members only
Q3 Member Call Online 14th September RSB members only
Bioeconomy: Deep-dive on Soil Carbon & Nature-based Solutions
Online September 2023 RSB members only
RSB Principles & Criteria – Pilot Outcomes Online October 2023 RSB members only
Launch of the RSB Book & Claim Certification Online November 2023 RSB members only