RSB Webinars & Events

Throughout 2022 we will be hosting webinars on a variety of topics. Many of these webinars and events are exclusively for members, while others are extended to our wider community.

Additionally, RSB is convening a range of topic-specific platforms and working groups covering sustainability policy, emerging technology, biomass producers, and more. These groups are led by RSB members and managed by the RSB Secretariat – if you would like to work with RSB to develop new platforms or groups, please reach out to Hannah Walker ([email protected]) today.

RSB’s webinars and events are designed to support our member community to stay connected with RSB and each other, and to provide opportunities for learning, engagement and collaboration around the most important aspects of the global transition from a fossil-based to a bio-based and circular economy.

Our events provide the opportunity to dive into RSB’s sustainability framework from development to implementation; learn about RSB’s tools; connect with fellow members and the RSB Board; and dig into topic specific with experts and fellow sustainability leaders.

Draft Agenda 

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*please note that these webinars and events are subject to change and dates are tentative at this time.

Topic Availability Dates* Location
Quarter 1 member webinar RSB Member only 17 February 2022 Online
Book & Claim Consultation RSB Member only 9 March 2022 Online
SAF Roadmap for Ethiopia: Public Launch Public 24 February 2022 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Launch of Sustainable Airports Platform RSB Member + Invited Guests only 15 March 2022 Online
Quarter 2 member webinar RSB Member only 7 June 2022 Online
Revision of RSB’s Principles and Criteria Standards Working Group 23 June 2022 Online
Sustainability and Certification for Innovative Materials RSB Member only 6 July 2022 Online
Updated RSB Book & Claim Manual (v3) and launch of stakeholder consultation RSB Member only 24 August 2022 Online
Quarter 3 member webinar RSB Member only 23 September 2022 Online
SAF Future in Brazil: Outcomes of the Fuelling the Sustainable Bioeconomy Programme Public 21 September 2022 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ensuring resilience in a bio-based and circular economy: RSB’s evolving Principles and Criteria RSB Member + Invited Guests only 19 October 2022 Online
RSB Innovations Meetings RSB Member + Invited Guests only 4-6 October 2022 USA
RSB Annual Conference 2022 Public 28 November – 1 December 2022 Online
New EU Delegated Acts: opportunities for emerging technologies RSB Member only Q1 2023 (delegated and implementing act dependent Online
RSB and EU RED: What it means for sustainability certification RSB Member only Q1 2023 (delegated and implementing act dependent Online

Standard Development

A key component of RSB membership is members’ participation in the ongoing development of the RSB Standard — examining cutting edge issues and bringing their expertise and perspectives to the multi-stakeholder development process. Members are able to help shape and drive the development of the RSB Standard and ensure that it remains a highly credible and practical tool for the development of your work in the bio-based and circular economy.

In 2022 the main Standards work will include a review of our Principles & Criteria, which is the core of the RSB’s Standard and sustainability framework, as well as other amendments and regulatory updates. The formal Standards Workplan is available online here.

Working Groups & Platforms

RSB offers a range of Working Groups, Platforms and other informal groupings to support members in discussion, innovation and development.

In 2022, the following groups will be working on important topics to the RSB member community with more planned to launch within the year.

  • PTX Working Group
  • SAF Policy Platform
  • General Standards Working Group
  • Sustainable Airports Platform
  • PTX Working Group

    In response to increasing demand and market interest in Power-to-X (PtX) technologies, RSB hosts a working group to convene stakeholders and experts to evaluate and agree on best practices to address and reduce sustainability risks related to PtX technologies, particularly for the aviation and shipping industries.

    Learn more here.

  • SAF Policy Platform

    The RSB SAF Policy Platform is a place for RSB’s members to work together, discuss and provide recommendations on how to implement and ensure sustainable practices within the growing coverage of legislation to regulate Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production and use.

    Learn more here.

  • General Standards Working Group

    The RSB General Standards Working Group is open to RSB members who want to commit time and energy to the further development of the RSB Standards. The group’s work includes:

    1. Review and input on the annual Standards Workplan.
    2. Review and input on Terms of Reference for RSB core standard revisions and new standard developments.
    3. Review, input and agree on drafts for standards, standard modifications and standard guidance documents.

    To join the RSB General Standards Working Group, please contact RSB Standards Director, Nicola Noponen ([email protected]).

  • Sustainable Airports Platform

    The Sustainable Airports Platform is a place for RSB’s members to that offers the opportunity to collaborate in developing and exchanging knowledge on sustainability and the role of airports in the growing SAF economy.

    Learn more here.

28 November - 1 December 2022

RSB Annual Conference

Each year the RSB community comes together at our Annual Conference, an event which is free to all RSB members.  In 2022 we invite you to join us and support a full-scale virtual event held over 4 days.

Our second virtual event promises to build on the success of our 2021 conference and attract more delegates to even richer sessions with more opportunities for engagement, networking and participation than ever before.

In 2021 we laid the foundations of both a successful virtual event format and a forum that showcases the impact projects, collaborations and cutting-edge innovation that form the roadmap for sustainable global and sector transitions in the bio-based and circular economy.

In 2022 and beyond the RSB Annual Conference will build on this foundation and reflect a global journey from risk mitigation to positive impacts.

The virtual RSB Annual Conference from 28 November – 1 December 2022 will focus on the work of building a positive impacts alliance – examining how to link impacts more closely to actions; deep diving into pilot project work; delving into incentive mechanisms; and much more.

In 2023, we will come together for a physical conference where we dive into the outcomes and impacts of this ongoing transition – and examine where the road must take us next.