Current Calls For Public Comments

All applications are subject to public consultation via our two week call for public comments.

This is the first step in the RSB certification process, and allows members of the public to voice any concerns they might have about the sustainability of the operations of the applicant. Comments help inform the RSB before it decides on the applicant’s eligibility as a Participating Operator.

Current Calls

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About Certification

RSB certifies producers of biomass, biofuels and biomaterials.


Apply for Certification

We offer a simple application procedure, comprehensive online tools and documents to guide you through a successful audit.


Certification Documents

Before applying for certification operators should select which type of certification they require.

Case Study

Socicana Smallholders Group Earns RSB Certification in Brazil

Socicana – Associação dos Fornecedores de Cana de Guariba, a sugar cane producers association based in Guariba, São Paulo, Brazil has earned RSB certification. The RSB certification included a group of 17 farmers and was part of the “ Cana Sustentável” (Sustainable Cane) project developed with support from RSB and the  Boeing Corporate Citizenship program.

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