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RSB publishes Sustainable Airports Platform Toolkit to communicate the role of airports in developing the SAF economy

Airports play a critical role in encouraging the use of sustainable aviation fuel. However, airports do not yet have a common ground when speaking about SAF, and there is still uncertainty on the role airports should aspire to play within the SAF value chain.

That’s why, through the Sustainable Airports Platform – an RSB initiative linked to the EU-funded ALIGHT project, which enables collaboration in developing and exchanging knowledge on sustainability and the role of airports in the growing SAF economy – RSB has published the Sustainable Airports Platform Toolkit.

The Sustainable Airports Platform Toolkit – a freely available source of knowledge and insight – captures the key information, guidance and tools that make up the Sustainable Airports Platform in one convenient place.

The Sustainable Airports Platform Toolkit has been developed for RSB members, ALIGHT programme partners and targeted external stakeholders – based on structured discussions coming from the meetings and presentations we’ve held to date with the platform group.

It includes sections on:

  • The Sustainable Airports Platform
  • Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)
  • How SAF is made
  • The benefits of SAF
  • A deep-dive in whether SAF is sustainable
  • Links to key outputs


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