10 May

Speakers announced: RSB Transition Leaders Forum

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On 22nd May, we arrive in Singapore for the RSB Transition Leaders Forum, in partnership with The Boeing Company and Neste – and we are thrilled to announce our speakers!

See below for the latest speakers for each session…




Sustainable Feedstock, Sustainable Landscapes
Transitioning to a bio-based and circular economy requires industries to switch from fossil to renewable feedstock. In this session we will explore how sustainability considerations are being integrated in feedstock assessments and sourcing, and how important it is for sustainability to be integrated in the very design of the biocircular economy transition in order to achieve wider sustainability impact. Here, we will also address the issue of cross-sectoral competition for feedstock, as well as discuss how we could turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Speakers include:

  • Khoo Hock Aun, Green Renewable Organic World Centre (GROW)
  • Jayant Sarnaik, Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF)
  • James Deverell, CSIRO Futures 
  • Arianna Baldo, RSB


Bioeconomy’s Real Impact: Sustainability in Practice
In this session, we will dig deep into what must underpin all biocircular economy development: a robust foundation in sustainability that takes into account local context and supports positive social and environmental impacts. During this session we will explore what ‘sustainability’ really means in the biocircular economy context, how it is defined and by who, and the regional adaptations and approaches that need to be considered to make it truly practical – and credible. Join us to learn how transition leaders can create an aligned understanding of what sustainability means – to give a clear and consistent message to their supply chain in order to facilitate the development of products that really meet the expectations of brand, consumer and regulator.

Speakers include:

  • Triyoga Widiastromo, Earth Innovation Institute
  • Himlal Baral, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
  • Law Chu Chien, Solidaridad Asia
  • Alex Ehrenhaus, RSB


Sustainable Futures: Financing the Biocircular Economy
Unlocking the potential for sustainable feedstock around the world and linking this into existing supply chains will require financial institutions to take big steps into the bioeconomy – a realm outside traditional commodity and energy investing. In a global boom of potential projects, selecting the most impactful remains a challenge. Analysing projects through a lens that looks beyond just the GHG emissions impact, but to also consider the more nuanced topics of social impacts and broader environmental benefits that are increasingly on the radar of policy makers and public perception is essential to future-proofing investments in a world in flux. This session will explore how financiers can advance projects that both support a global shift to nature-based solutions – and generate value. Topics include the new ASEAN green taxonomy, ESG expectations in the region, and the role of financiers in project development.

Speakers include:

  • Roger Charles, DBS Bank
  • Assyl Ikhsan, Standard Chartered
  • Jacqueline Lam, The Boeing Company
  • Oskar Meijerink, SkyNRG
  • Nicholas Ong, GenZero
  • Hannah Walker, RSB


Ensuring Credible Claims with Sustainable Supply Chains
At a fundamental level, all organisations are on an urgent path to decarbonisation. But getting that right and ensuring that decarbonisation is linked to broader positive impacts is where Transition Leaders can set themselves apart – and create really credible claims to fulfil consumer demand for truly sustainable products. In this session, we will explore how organisations can make the right decisions today that will ensure credible claims and regulatory compliance.

Speakers include:

  • Ace Fung, Neste
  • Vishnu Sridhar, P&G Beauty AMA
  • Nicola Noponen, RSB



For more detail on the agenda, click here.