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ICENECDEV Joins Humanitarian Call to Halt Nature Loss

RSB member ICENECDEV has joined with developmental and humanitarian organisations around the world to call on governments and heads of state to halt and reverse biodiversity loss and put nature and ecosystems on a path to recovery by 2030.

The call, led by organisations including Oxfam and Save the Children, clearly links the ongoing destruction of nature with a huge range of social risks including increased likelihood of exposure to infectious disease.

“The rapid loss of nature, ecosystems and biodiversity is therefore not only threatening our environment but also health, diets, development, social equity and human rights.”

With the impacts of biodiversity loss likely to be felt most keenly by the world’s poorest — impacting vulnerable and marginalised communities in myriad ways — failure to address this vital issue will lead not only to environmental destruction but will undermine social, developmental and security outcomes around the world.

ICENECDEV, based in Cameroon, has added its voice to the growing list of signatories to the call to action and encourages social and development organisations within RSB’s membership to join them.

Eric Fongoh, Executive Director of ICENECDEV, has this to say: “We urge all relevant organisations in the RSB membership community to join us in calling for urgent action to halt and reverse nature loss to protect people around the world. This is an excellent opportunity for RSB members to further support the organisation’s commitment to conservation.”

Download the Call to Action here.

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