Wesaf joins RSB to advance access to sustainable energy across Africa

RSB welcomed another new member in June when Wesaf Group, a sustainable energy group working in West Africa, joined our community. Wesaf aims to work with communities to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges of heat, energy and fuel production in rural areas. With an initial production area of over 300 hectares in Cameroon, Wesaf aims to produce 3-5 million gallons per year of ethanol from sugarcane, with the bagasse component used for energy co-generation. Looking to community-level intervention, Wesaf aims to “support clean cooking supply chains that can offer a solution to the high respiratory disease and mortality rates associated with indoor pollution from the use of firewood and charcoal as primary domestic fuel.”

Wesaf have joined RSB to unlock access to our global community, learning opportunities and expertise as they look to grow their business sustainably. With a focus on community development, long-term goals around skills and livelihoods, and a vision for responding to the unique regional challenges of decarbonisation in West Africa, Wesaf bring energy and exciting opportunities for partnership to the RSB community.

On joining, Wesaf Group Founder and CEO Marvin Tlabi had this to say: “”Joining the RSB is a fundamental step in establishing WESAF within the bioenergy ecosystem. The RSB is a pioneering organisation and it is a huge honour to join such an esteemed community and I hope to be an active member and drive collaboration to achieve the advancement of bio-energy across the African Continent.”

We Build Bridges for a Sustainable Future

By working with RSB you can help shape the future of the world bio-economy – and prove your commitment to a sustainable, thriving future.

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