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BASF Joins the RSB

BASF Joins the RSB

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials is incredibly pleased to welcome multinational chemicals company BASF as the latest organisation to join our member community. BASF brings a wealth of experience in the biochemicals sector to our vibrant and multi-disciplinary membership, and we anticipate relevant impact from their input on our collaborative and innovative platform.

BASF wants to contribute to a thriving world that turns residues and wastes into value through innovation in technology and the circular economy. That commitment is supported by their expertise in converting residues into chemical building blocks, the development of standards and the use of renewable raw materials in an integrated production system; and we know that partnering with them represents a leap forward for closing the loop of product life cycles. With their focus on environmental protection and social responsibility, alongside a track record of innovation and contributing to economic prosperity in the communities in which they operate, BASF is well positioned to support its fellow members and the RSB in building a sustainable bioeconomy.

By choosing to join the RSB, BASF is engaging in advanced standard setting to support the circular economy, as well as in sustainable development across the supply chain. Known for taking leadership on sustainability issues, as well as their expertise in major growth areas for the bioeconomy – particularly in mass balance approaches – and huge market reach and influence, BASF is a perfect partner to support RSB as we work to develop a sustainable circular economy. Within the RSB membership, BASF will be able to work with other members and partners to find practical and long-term solutions to the big challenges in the bioeconomy, across many sectors and industries. Through collaboration and the sharing of expertise and experience, all our members are supporting the development of our Standard and the vital work we do to ensure that sustainability is the foundation of the global bioeconomy and circular economy.

“As an organisation that has long been on the cutting edge of innovation, BASF are a perfect fit to join RSB. We aim to foster collaboration among our diverse membership and it is here that we often find the innovative and ground-breaking solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. We look forward to working with BASF’s team as we forge a path for the sustainable bioeconomy.” – Rolf Hogan, Executive Director, RSB

“BASF contributes to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone. Saving resources is key for BASF and is a driving force for our circular economy activities – and certification systems support that development. By joining the Roundtable of Sustainable Biomaterials, BASF will foster the exchange of ideas and experiences with other members to further drive sustainable development in the industry.” – Dirk Voeste, Vice President Sustainability Strategy, BASF

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