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Maiju Helin

Head of Sustainability and Market Development; UPM Biofuels

Maiju Helin is Head of Sustainability and Market Development at UPM Biofuels based in Helsinki, Finland. She has over 10 years’ experience of biofuels’ sustainability, regulation and business development. Maiju is a Master of Science from Tampere University of Technology and has studied chemical engineering at McGill University in Montreal and business leadership at Henley Business School.

Klaske Kruk

Founder; Circularities

Klaske Kruk is founder of Circularities a Dutch organisation helping companies and government formulate and realise circular economy programs. Klaske collaborates with worlds most distinguished thinkers in the field of circular economy and won prices with that. Before she founded Circularities Klaske was the Programme Director of Circle Economy.

Guillaume Lebert

Sustainability Senior Scientist for Fabric Care Euro; P&G

Guillaume Lebert is Sustainability Senior Scientist for Fabric Care Europe and is currently leading the Research & Development projects related to plant-based products in Europe. With more than 13 years’ experience across the different product categories and regions within Fabric Care, Guillaume has been at the forefront of work to product innovations and maximising irresistible consumer experience.  In 2017, he has joined P&G Europe Fabric Care R&D to lead sustainability programs.

Amy Malaki

Programme Manager - Transportation; ClimateWorks Foundation

Amy Malaki is the Program Manager for the Transportation Portfolio at the ClimateWorks Foundation where she focuses on philanthropic strategies to reduce emissions from the transportation sector. She focuses on policies for cleaner and more efficient vehicle and fuel technologies, increased availability and accessibility of transit, biking, and walking and also leads the international aviation initiative at ClimateWorks. Before joining ClimateWorks Amy used to work in the electric vehicle industry and as a high-tech strategy consultant. She has a B.A. in Chinese and a B.A. in China Studies both from the University of Washington and a M.A. in International Policy Studies (Energy and Environment) from Stanford University.

Hasso von Pogrell

Managing Director; European Bioplastics (EUBP)
Hasso von Pogrell is Managing Director of European Bioplastics (EUBP), the association of the bioplastics industry in Europe. Before joining EUBP in 2009, von Pogrell worked as lobbyist for a number of industries, including optical and medical technologies, retail enterprises, and the German construction industries. 


Speaker TBC

Agrisoma is meeting the growing global demand for sustainably sourced, renewable biofuels with Carinata, a sustainably grown crop designed for producing low GHG fuels with no land use change or other adverse effects. Over the last 5 years, Agrisoma has established commercial production programs for Carinata in North and South America and are rapidly expanding globally to meet the demand for low GHG fuels.  Carinata oil is drop-in ready for most refiners and producers of renewable diesel, biojet and marine fuel. Carinata meal is a high-protein animal feed co-product from the Carinata crush process.


Speaker TBC

Canopy has more than 14 years experience educating the marketplace about the potential to use agricultural residues as a way to diversify the fibre basket away from ancient and endangered forests, and quantifying market demand.


Speaker TBC

 A.P. Moller – Maersk is taking leadership in a global industry that transports 90% of global trade by volume. Ambitious to build and unleash the potential of the bioeconomy in the marine sector, A.P. Moller – Maersk has a wealth of expertise to share at out meeting. The company has collaborated with cutting edge research institutions for several years to assess the potential for using biofuels in ships engines and, having achieved impressive emissions reductions with other interventions (including a 43% reduction in emissions of CO2 per container moved in Maersk Line in 2017 compared to 2007), has vast experience in developing and implementing sustainability practices on a large scale.

WWF South Africa

Speaker TBC

WWF works to look after our natural resources — oceans, land and wildlife — so we can continue to benefit from food, water and a healthy climate. 







Our Annual Meeting is made possible by our generous sponsors.

Agrisoma is meeting the growing global demand for sustainably sourced, renewable biofuels with Carinata, a sustainably grown crop designed for producing low GHG fuels with no land use change or other adverse effects.

UPM plans to become a major player in high quality, advanced biofuels for transport. Biofuels are an essential part of the Biofore strategy. The innovative wood-based biofuels developed by the company and their production technologies are part of a sustainable future. UPM’s biofuels are frontrunners in quality, usability and sustainability.

RSB's Annual Meeting runs alongside European Bioplastics' Conference and we will be partnering with them to showcase the growing market for bioproducts of all kinds

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