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Trusted Solutions for a New World®

RSB's Annual Meeting 2018


DAY 1: 6th December 2018

08.30 – 09:00 Welcome coffee & Registration
09.00 – 09:10 Welcome
  Stephen Wetmore – Chair, RSB Board
Rolf Hogan – Executive Director, RSB
09.10 – 09:35 Keynote address: The circular bioeconomy: local solutions for global challenges
  Laurel Harmon – Lanzatech
09.35 – 09:45 Q&A with the new Keynote
  Laurel Harmon – Lanzatech
09.45 – 11.10 Leading the way to a circular bioeconomy strategy: Principles, challenges and perspectives
Maiju Helin – UPM
Udo Felten – SIG Combibloc
Glenn Johnston – Agrisoma
Sandra Leymonerie-Combet – Air France
Neva Murtha – Canopy Planet
11.10 – 11.35 Coffee Break
11.35- 12.55 Panel Discussion: Bioproducts, the bioeconomy, the circular economy and the road to meaningful impact – scaling up the ‘wow’ factor
  Opening Speaker & Moderator:
Klaske Kruk – circularities
Maarten van Dijk – SkyNRG
Guillame Lebert – P&G
Hasso von Pogrell – EUBP
Stephen Wetmore – WWF South Africa
Perry Toms – Steeper Energy
Deberson Jesus – Ethical Sugar
Fred Eychenne – Airbus
Amy Malaki – Climateworks Foundation
12.55 – 1.10pm Wrap up of Business Forum
1.10 – 2.00pm Networking Lunch
2:00-2:05pm  Welcome
  Kevin Fingerman – Humboldt University; RSB Board Member
2:05-2:10pm Introduction

Andrew Stephen – SSI

2:10-2:25pm Maritime Point of View
  Simon Bennett – China Navigation
John Kornerup Bang – Maersk
2:25-3:10pm Panel 1: Lessons from building sustainable alternative fuels supply chains
  Opening Speaker: Robert Boyd – IATA
Fred Eychenne­ – Airbus
Robert Boyd – IATA
Bruno Miller –  Fulcrum Bioenergy 
Tjasa Bole Rental – WWF South Africa
Guy Hogge – Louis Dreyfus
Kevin Fingerman – Humboldt State University
3:15-4:00pm Panel 2: Developing a sustainable fuel for the shipping industry
  Opening Speaker: Maiju Helin – UPM Biofuels & RSB Board Member
TBC – Velocys
Maiju Helin – UPM Biofuels
Bart Hellings – Good Fuels Marine
Barbara Bramble – National Wildlife Federation
4.00-4.20pm Coffee Break
4:20-4:25pm  Welcome
  Amy Malaki – ClimateWorks Foundation, USA
4:25-5:10pm Panel: Sustainability in the Chinese Bioeconomy: The role of global standards
  Introduction: Shutong Liu, CEO, MotionEco;
Karen Kreider – ISEAL
Liping Kang – Innovation Centre for Energy and Transportation (iCET)
Bing Xu – Herriot-Watt University
Shutong Liu – MotionEco, China
Neva Murtha – Canopy Planet


DAY 2: 7th December 2018

08.30 – 09:00 Welcome Coffee 
09.00 – 09:20 Welcome & Introductions
  Stephen Wetmore – WWF-SA and Chair of the RSB Board
  Rodger O’Connell, Facilitator
09.20 – 09:40 Keynote Speech
  Karen Kreider – ISEAL
09:40 – 09:55 RSB in 2018
  Rolf Hogan – RSB
09:55 – 10:55 Global Perspectives: Potential & Experience in Implementing RSB


Leonardo Rosario – Trowel Development Foundation
Micahel Gessesse – Ethiopian Biofuel Development Coordination Directorate
Jayant Sarnaik – Applied Environmental Research Foundation
Andres Aguilar – CIATEC
Tjasa Bole-Rental – WWF South Africa

10.55 – 11.25 Coffee Break
11.25 – 11.40 Presentation of the RSB’s Standard for Advanced Products 
  Aurea Nardelli – Certification Manager and Technical Advisor, RSB
11.40 – 12.25pm  Panel: views from members on the Advanced Products Standard
Maiju Helin – UPM
Susanne Veith – DuPont
Kevin Fingerman – Humboldt State University
Christian Krueger / Giuliana Angonoa – BASF
12.25 – 12:45pm Summary and adoption of the RSB’s Standard for Advanced Products by Delegates
  Rodger O’Connell, Facilitator
12:45 – 2:00pm Chamber Lunch
  Members will break for lunch in their chambers
2:00 – 2:45pm Presentation on how to apply RSB’s methodology for displacement emissions followed by feedback from members 
  Aurea Nardelli – Certification Manager and Technical Advisor, RSB
2.45 – 3:00pm Summary & adoption of way forward for RSB’s methodology for displacement emissions 
  Rodger O’Connell, Facilitator
Aurea Nardelli – Certification Manager and Technical Advisor
3.00 – 3:20pm Discussion & Adoption of the Modification to the Advanced Fuel Standard
  Rodger O’Connell, Facilitator
Aurea Nardelli – Certification Manager and Technical Advisor, RSB
3:20 – 3:50pm Coffee Break 
3.50 – 4.40pm Formal Assembly Business:
  Session led by Stephen Wetmore, RSB’s Chair
4.40 – 5:00pm Wrap Up & Closure of the Assembly
  Stephen Wetmore – RSB Chair

RSB's Annual Meeting 2018

What to Expect

Day 1: Growing the Future for Bioproducts

From feedstocks to supply chains, technology, legislation and consumer demand, bioproduct growth is responding to a complex web of factors and ensuring that its development prioritises sustainability takes real leadership. The brands and organisations that are building the bioeconomy of the future will share their valuable lessons on the challenges, opportunities and future – as we transition from the media ‘wow’ factor of big name innovation to consumer-supported long-term and meaningful impacts across the value chain.

The workshop will discuss and address the following questions:

  • The role of the bioeconomy in the circular economy
  • Circular, bio-based models for rural communities – how can these work?
  • Can our planet cover the needs for plant biomass? How do we scale up the production and delivery of sustainable bioproducts in a responsible manner?
  • How can global brands address true sustainability in their approaches?
  • Recycling, extending life span of products or bio based materials etc. are not by definition sustainable solutions. In the end, we seek solutions that generate economic and social value and at the same time, from a life-cycle perspective, do not:
    • rely on traditional fossil-based inputs
    • require non-renewable or non-recyclable raw materials
    • generate harmful emissions, waste and degradation or loss of biodiversity



Day 1: RSB Member Showcase

Get to know RSB’s visionary members as they showcase their work and share their lessons and practical insights on what it takes to build sustainability into different areas of the bioeconomy. This session is designed to support collaboration, provide networking opportunities and highlight the potential for new partnerships, across industry and sectors, to provide solutions for some of society’s most pressing challenges.


Day 2: Assembly of Delegates

To ensure that RSB remains on the cutting edge of sustainability in technology, policy and market development, our annual Assembly of Delegates provides a platform for our members to come together to guide the development of our standard. At this meeting different perspectives and opinions are discussed and debated, to ensure relevant outcomes are integrated into the world’s most credible sustainability standard.

The agenda for the Annual meeting of delegates includes discussion and approvals of RSB standards currently under revision, insights into new market trends and opportunities for RSB, and the launch of a new membership offering and engagement plan.

RSB’s governance system allows all areas of the bioeconomy to have a voice at the table and the meeting is an opportunity for these diverse stakeholders to meet, discuss, debate and agree on solutions. RSB subsidises the participation of social and environmental NGOs in order to ensure a truly participative and transparent dialogue.

While this part of the meeting is a member only event, we encourage non-members who have attended Day 1 to observe and take part in open sessions.







Our Annual Meeting is made possible by our generous sponsors.

Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry and a leader in driving sustainability across the sector.

Agrisoma is meeting the growing global demand for sustainably sourced, renewable biofuels with Carinata, a sustainably grown crop designed for producing low GHG fuels with no land use change or other adverse effects.

UPM plans to become a major player in high quality, advanced biofuels for transport. Biofuels are an essential part of the Biofore strategy. The innovative wood-based biofuels developed by the company and their production technologies are part of a sustainable future. UPM’s biofuels are frontrunners in quality, usability and sustainability.

RSB's Annual Meeting runs alongside European Bioplastics' Conference and we will be partnering with them to showcase the growing market for bioproducts of all kinds

Lively Debate


Networking Opportunities

Expert Speakers

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