Call for Public Comments

RSB has started a call for public comment for UPM Kymmene Corporation which has applied for RSB Certification for the UPM operation’s carinata plantation in Uruguay. This is the first step in the RSB certification process and allows members of the public to voice any concerns they might have about the sustainability of the operations of the applicant. Comments help inform the RSB before it decides on the applicant’s eligibility as a Participating Operator. 

The call for public comment starts August 8th and ends August 22nd 2017.

Additional information on the applicant for certification:

UPM Kymmene Corporation

Website address

Type of certification: RSB EU-RED
Location/Region(s): Uruguay
Feedstock/Biomaterial: Carinata

End product: Other

Please send all public comments regarding this RSB certification applicant to by 22nd August 2017.


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