Smallholder Programme in Asia

The RSB has partnered with the Biomass Group in Sri Lanka to support small farmers in harvesting Gliricidia as a bioenergy feedstock.

Gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium) is a fast-growing, short-rotation tree growing naturally in Sri Lanka. It is grown in plantations as a shade tree and soil improver, and by smallholders as a “live fencing”, as well as to support other crops, for animal fodder and as a fertiliser.

Gliricidia is principally grown for its leaves, which provide base materials for fertiliser, pesticide and fungicide, potentially saving farmers a considerable amount of money on their annual agrochemical expenditures. Coppicing of Gliricidia branches twice a year provides smallholders additional income.

The Biomass group is currently working with 30,000 small farmers in the Trincomalee and Polonnaruwa district of Sri Lanka, providing them support and training on sustainable practices of Gliricidia farming.


Watch a video prepared by the Biomass Group in which Lucky Dissanayake, founder of the Biomass Group gives an overview of the company.


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