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Smallholder Standard

Supporting smallholders worldwide to achieve RSB certification.
The RSB Smallholder Programme was initiated in 2010 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), which was hosting the RSB Secretariat. The RSB decided to look at the barriers to the access of smallholders to compliance with the RSB Standard, and develop an adaptation of the RSB Standard and certification process for smallholder groups, with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Aid Environment. The resulting RSB Smallholder Standard aims to provide small producers with additional flexibility in the compliance process through a stepwise approach and the waiving of certain requirements.
Standard for Certification of Smallholder Groups
RSB Principles & Criteria for Smallholder Groups


Standard for Certification of Smallholder Groups

This Standard specifies the certification requirements for smallholder groups.

Certification of Smallholder Groups


RSB Principles & Criteria for Smallholder Groups

This Standard specifies the adapted Principles & Criteria for smallholder groups.

Principles & Criteria for Smallholder Groups

History of the Smallholder Standard

The Smallholder Standard involves several documents (including adapted sustainability principles and criteria, standards for group certification and protocols for GHG calculation), which were revised by the RSB Secretariat and published for a round of public consultation (2014), with the aim of collecting additional feedback and suggestions. Click here to access the smallholder public consultation page for further details on the public consultation period, forms and more.

The public consultation was followed by the consultation of the RSB Chambers, who provided additional feedback to further improve the smallholder standard. In September 2014, the General Assembly approved the Standard for Certification of Smallholder Groups and RSB Principles & Criteria for Smallholder Groups.

The Smallholder Standard is now being implemented around the world through field projects, with the aim of identifying any necessary improvements, further developing a flexible smallholder definition, and identifying needs for capacity building and other kinds of support.

RSB Standard


Voluntary addition for operators wishing to make “low iLUC risk” claim.

RSB Standard


The RSB Standard enables producers and users of biomass, biochemicals and bioproducts to receive RSB certification to demonstrate responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

RSB Standard


RSB Certification for operators in any country, any region

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