What is the RSB Standard?

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The RSB Standard:

  • Is best in class, comprehensively addressing key sustainability issues,
  • Is a management approach, with a tool-kit and guidance for operators to identify and manage the sustainability issues that matter most, and therefore,
  • Reduces risk for operators, brand owners and investors.

The RSB Standard is actually comprised of many component standards covering different issues and circumstances, together referred to as ‘The RSB Standard’. They include certification standards, guidelines and guidance for operators, assurance system standards, and more. 

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Download “A Guide to the RSB Standard” to read more about we are different from other standards, how it can benefit you as well as the planet and people, and how you can be involved.

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The RSB Standard in Action

Any bio-based feedstock, biofuels, biomass derived products or by-products can be certified to the RSB Standard. The RSB Standard also covers complete supply chains, as well as novel biomass and biomaterial technologies. Read more about Certification here.