RSB Guidelines

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RSB Compliance Indicators

RSB Compliance Indicators describe the types of evidences operators shall demonstrate while being evaluated by an auditor against the RSB Principles & Criteria. Indicators are not compulsory, as an operator may decide to use other proofs of compliance in agreement with the auditor. However, it is strongly advised to use them for guidance towards compliance with the RSB Principles and Criteria.

Download RSB’s EU RED Compliance Indicators

Download RSB’s Global Compliance Indicators

RSB Guidance and supporting documents

RSB Guidance on Principles & Criteria helps operators develop an understanding of the significance of the minimum and progress requirements under each of the 12 RSB Principles.  It also gives additional details and guidance about specific criterion, shows examples of measures, practices or plans to achieve compliance, and indicates technical or regulatory references and sources to be further consulted.

Guidance documents include:

RSB Guidelines

The RSB Standard includes several normative documents, which describe the requirements to be met by operators for a sustainable and traceable production of biomass and its derivatives.

In order to support and guide you through the compliance process, the RSB developed specific tools and guidelines, which describe the activities to be undertaken and practices to be implemented by operators to meet RSB requirements. RSB Guidelines are particularly helpful through the impact assessment process required under RSB Principle 2. Following the completion of the Screening Exercise, you may be required to conduct in-depth impact assessment on certain aspects such as soil, water or food security.

The RSB Guidelines are your best supporting documentation through this process!

Reference Name of the Document Related Principle
RSB-GUI-01-002-01 RSB Impact Assessment Guidelines Principle 2
RSB-GUI-01-002-02 RSB Screening Tool Principle 2
RSB-GUI-01-002-05 RSB ESMP Guidelines Principle 2
RSB-GUI-01-005-02 RSB Rural and Social Development Guidelines Principle 5
RSB-GUI-01-006-01 RSB Food Security Assessment Guidelines Principle 6
RSB-GUI-01-007-01 RSB Conservation Impact Assessment Guidelines
  • RSB Weed Risk Assessment Template
  • Principle 7
    RSB-GUI-01-008-01 RSB Soil Impact Assessment Guidelines Principle 8
    RSB-GUI-01-009-01 RSB Water Assessment Guidelines Principle 9
    RSB-GUI-01-009-02 RSB Guidelines on Water Rights and Social Impacts Principle 9
    RSB-GUI-01-012-01 RSB Land Rights Guidelines Principle 12