RSB Indicators and Guidance

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RSB Compliance Indicators

RSB Compliance Indicators describe the types of evidences operators shall demonstrate while being evaluated by an auditor against the RSB Principles & Criteria. Indicators are not compulsory, as an operator may decide to use other proofs of compliance in agreement with the auditor. However, it is strongly advised to use them for guidance towards compliance with the RSB Principles and Criteria.

Download RSB’s EU RED Compliance Indicators

Download RSB’s Global Compliance Indicators

RSB Guidance and supporting documents

RSB Guidance on Principles & Criteria helps operators develop an understanding of the significance of the minimum and progress requirements under each of the 12 RSB Principles.  It also gives additional details and guidance about specific criterion, shows examples of measures, practices or plans to achieve compliance, and indicates technical or regulatory references and sources to be further consulted.

Guidance documents include:

For RSB’s Impact Assessment Guidelines, click here.