Global Certification

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These documents are for operators looking to be certified to the RSB Global Standard.
Please note if you are operating or selling to the EU, you should use the RSB EU RED standard to ensure compliance with European regulations.

Document name Description Download
RSB Principles & Criteria The RSB Principles & Criteria describe how to produce biomass, biofuels and biomaterials in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way. The RSB Principles & Criteria are based on a management and risk-oriented approach. Together with RSB’s online tools and related guidance documents, the RSB Standard helps operators to identify and manage sustainability issues in a specific context and therefore reduces risks for operators, brand owners and investors. RSB-STD-01-001
Compliance Indicators RSB Compliance Indicators describe the types of evidences operators shall demonstrate while being evaluated by an auditor against the RSB Principles & Criteria. Read more about compliance indicators here. RSB-IND-01-001
Standard for participating operators
This standard specifies the generic requirements for participation of operations producing, converting, processing, trading and using biomass/biofuels, in the RSB certification systems.   RSB-STD-30-001
Standard for risk management (Updated!)
This standard specifies the requirements for risk-assessment for operations producing, converting, processing, trading and using biomass/biofuels in the RSB certification systems.   RSB-STD-60-001
Standard for Traceability (Chain of custody) This standard specifies the requirements for the tracking of certified biomass/biofuels product through the supply chain from primary production through conversion, processing, and trade to end use.   RSB-STD-20-001
RSB GHG Calculation Methodology RSB-STD-01-003-01
Procedure on communication and claims This procedure specifies the requirements for communication of and claims to the RSB certification systems (e.g. participation in, evaluation by, compliance with, etc.).   RSB-PRO-50-001
RSB Standard on waste and residues