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Road to Compliance

Work with the RSB on your sustainability journey.

The RSB’s newly introduced ‘Road to Compliance’ programme offers companies the opportunity to work on an incremental approach to introducing sustainability in their operations or supply chain. Companies can commit to continuous improvement over a period of time and work together with the RSB on achieving these over a pre-determined time period.

New Products on the RSB Road To Compliance

1. Commitment
2. Support
3. Continuous Improvement

1. Commitment

To participate in the programme on the Road To Compliance, companies must:
– publish a commitment to implement the RSB Sustainability Standard within a defined timeframe
– allocate resources
– develop a concrete and detailed workplan

2. Support

The RSB Secretariat, and its extensive network of sustainability experts, will:
– share in-depth knowledge (training)
– provide hands-on support (consulting)
to assist companies on the road to RSB compliance

3. Continuous Improvement

– companies on the Road to Compliance publish Annual Reports (activities carried out to implement the RSB Standard, improvements achieved, confirm timeline, etc.)
– stakeholders comment to help companies to determine further areas of improvement
– 2nd party audits to check the robustness of the report

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Case Study

ASSOBARI First Sugar Cane Farmer Organisation in Brazil to Earn RSB Certification

ASSOBARI (Associação dos Fornecedores de Cana da Região de Bariri) is the first organisation of sugar cane producers in Brazil to earn RSB certification. The RSB certification is for the production and processing of sugarcane by 62 farmers and approximately 1,860 hectares of sugar cane plantations.

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