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Use our online tool to easily calculate your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The RSB GHG lifecycle calculator is a free tool available to producers, processors, and all other parts of the supply chain. The GHG calculator enables you to see easily whether you meet the RSB minimum 50% reduction of GHG from fossil fuels.

Anyone applying for RSB certification is required to demonstrate a minimum 50% reduction of GHG from fossil fuels.

RSB GHG Calculator Tool

Download our User’s Manual which provides a step-by-step guide to the RSB GHG tool, which is freely available to any user. If you’d like to do your own calculation without using RSB’s online calculator, look at RSB GHG Calculation Methodology (RSB-STD-01-003-01) which describes the methodology as implemented in the calculation tool, or the EU Renewable Energy Methodology.

Access our GHG calculator at no cost, or continue reading for details on other GHG calculation options.

Other GHG Calculation Options

Biograce GHG Calculation Tool
GHGenius Model
Default Values
Operators Carrying Out Calculations

Biograce GHG Calculation Tool

Biograce GHG calculation tool.


Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Transportation (GREET) Model developed and maintained by the Argonne National Laboratory.

GEET GHG calculation tool.

GHGenius Model

GHGenius Model for sugar cane ethanol and UCO biodiesel traded into Canada.

GHGenius Model

Default Values

Default Values set by the EU Renewable Energy Directive, Annex V (2009/28/EC) if the specifications as defined by the Directive are met (e.g. feedstock, process, process energy).

Default Values

Operators Carrying Out Calculations

The RSB offers the option for operators to carry out their own calculation using EU RED or other well-accepted methodologies.

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