Why Become a Member?

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As an RSB member, you are part of a worldwide movement of NGOs, government, businesses, academia and UN organisations that make sustainability a priority. You can help lead the way to ensure the sustainable production of biofuels and biomaterials that promote food security, rural development and reduction in greenhouse gases while protecting human rights and the environment.

By becoming an RSB member, you will:

  1. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability – Whether your shareholders are buyers, consumers, or your employees, you can use your RSB involvement to strengthen your social responsibility message. You can also demonstrate that you are committed to ensuring that the biomass industry moves on a sustainable path.
  2. Shape the future of sustainable biomaterials – In the ever-changing world of sustainability issues surrounding biomaterials, let your views be heard, profile your work, and ensure that it is integrated into the world’s foremost sustainability standard. Join cutting-edge discussions and engage in dialogue on the sustainability of biomaterials that contribute to building on the world’s most credible sustainability standard in this field.
  3. Expand your network - Have the opportunity to meet others committed to sustainability issues and keep in touch with the latest developments in industry, civil society and government. RSB members have found common areas of interest and forged partnerships on policy, smallholders and technical issues such as lifecycle analysis.
  4. Become eligible for a 20% discount on your licensing fees for certification.

In short, your RSB membership is a way to demonstrate your commitment to economically, environmentally and socially sustainable biomaterials and support sustainable supply chains around the world.

Associate Membership Option

Associate Membership is an option for organisations that might have restrictions on becoming full voting members of another entity. Associate Members can participate fully in discussions on the development of the RSB standards, but unlike Full Members, they are not part of the governance of the organisation. Therefore they are not eligible for leadership positions and do not vote.

We appreciate your support in advancing our mission of ensuring biomaterial sustainability across the globe!


By accepting the Articles of Association of the RSB, members endorse RSB objectives and commit to allocate sufficient time and resources towards the development and implementation of the RSB Standard.
RSB membership, however, does not indicate compliance with the RSB Principles & Criteria. Compliance with the RSB Principles & Criteria may only be demonstrated via certification, including the successful completion of an on-site audit by an accredited certification body, as defined in the RSB certification standards.