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The RSB is a membership body, and we invite organisations from relevant areas to join us in shaping the future of the bioeconomy and the RSB Standard.

RSB members are part of a worldwide movement of businesses, NGO’s, academics, government and UN organisations that demonstrate their commitment to best practice for sustainable biomaterial, biofuels and biomass production. This independent organisation unites these global stakeholders and is the most trusted, peer-reviewed member body active in the bioeconomy, and which promotes bioproducts that enhance rural development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote food security.


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RSB membership empowers you to be part of the conversation and the decision.


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RSB is a membership body shaping the future of biomaterials and the RSB Standard.


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RSB membership is open to all and reflects the diversity and opinions needed for real solutions.


  • “Bioenergy can make an important contribution to providing access to sustainable energy for all. Credible sustainability standards, such as the one developed by the RSB, help manage risks on a project level and promote best practices among producers and processors, complementing sound regional and national energy planning and policy.”

    UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

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The RSB offers trusted, credible tools and solutions for sustainability and biomaterials certification that mitigate business risk, fuels the bioeconomy and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that enables the protection of ecosystems and the promotion of food security.

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