What Can Be Certified?

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RSB’s certification is global and applicable to diverse and multiple feedstocks. Certification to RSB standards doesn’t cover just biofuels. Any bio-based feedstock, biomass, or derived bio-products can be certified. It is also possible to certify an entire supply chain as well as groups of producers under one certificate, and there is a special standard geared for smallholders.

Certification can include:What Can Be Certified Image3Waste and residues need to be verified back to the point of origin for the European market. Click here for details of the RSB approach on certification of biofuels from waste.

Contact Us

Our staff are available to explain the process, work with you through the online tools and optional documents, and provide help: download our Certification Guide or email us at applications@rsb.org.

If you need more comprehensive support to prepare for certification, you might want to consider RSB’s Advisory Services.

Three Steps to Certification
Step 1: Application
Step 2: Preparation for Audit
Step 3: Audit
Auditor verifies compliance via a site visit and issues certificate. Promote RSB certification to your customers. Download RSB’s Certification Guide for more details.Certification Guide cover image