Step 2: Preparation for Audit

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Before proceeding with Step 2 please make sure you have completed Step 1 which includes contacting an auditor to schedule your audit.

Step 2 is about identifying and compiling the necessary information to show compliance with RSB Principles and Criteria.  The auditor will check this information during your audit (Step 3).

If you applied using our old application process before 30 April 2016 and need to access your Self Risk Assessments or Screening Exercise, they are still available for a short while here. All new applications and sites / operations should follow the new process.

Here are some online tools and documents to help you show compliance with RSB Principles and Criteria during your audit.

  • Self-Risk AssessmentA short set of questions to establish your risk class and ongoing audit frequency.
  • Screening ToolThis is a downloadable version of the Screening Tool guidance that allows you to carry out the screening process electronically. It helps you decide what documentation you need to show compliance with RSB’s criteria, starting with questions on page 4.
  • Greenhouse Gas Calculator - RSB requires that you demonstrate a 50% GHG saving overall. You can do this by using any of the following to calculate your GHG savings depending on your local regulation:
  • Chain of Custody Procedure – We offer an outline of simplified procedures which you can customize to your own case if you don’t already have one. You can choose a segregated or mass balance chain of custody model. RSB auditors can also provide cost effective joint-certifications with other credible sustainability standards such as FSC, SAN, and Bonsucro.
  • RSB Claims ProcedureWe offer an outline to help you develop your own procedure to make an appropriate RSB claim if you don’t already have one.
  • Stakeholder ListsWe offer a list of generic types of stakeholders to consult depending on your situation.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at You can also download our Certification Guide.

Three Steps to Certification
Step 1: Application
Step 2: Preparation for Audit
Step 3: Audit
Upon successful audit and certification, promote RSB certification to your customers.
Download RSB’s Certification Guide for more details.Certification Guide cover image