Pilot Projects

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RSB Pilot Tests

In November 2009, the RSB Steering Board approved the use of Version One of the RSB Standard for pilot testing.  This important milestone meant that companies with new or existing biofuel projects were given the opportunity to apply the RSB Standard in a pilot audit, providing the RSB with feedback on its usability. Feedback received during the Pilot Phase was used to improve and refine the RSB Standard for Version Two, the next version of the Standard.

All pilot projects include the participation of a certification body that provided the operator and the RSB with feedback on the usability of the Standard from an auditor’s perspective.

Pilot projects represented various types of feedstock and biofuels from different regions of the world.   In the first half of 2010, the RSB Secretariat had a number of active or completed pilot projects.  A number of additional projects were planned for the second half of 2010 until present.

An overview of the pilot project process is described in the Pilot Project Framework document.

You can also consult the synopsis report of the feedback received from pilot projects.

Terms of Reference

Before the start of pilot projects, the pilot participating operator and the RSB Secretariat agreed to terms of reference for the pilot. They clearly describe the scope of the project, roles and responsibilities, important milestones, and expected deliverables/outcomes.  Although the specifics of each pilot varied by case, the terms of reference were based on a common framework used by all pilot projects, an example of which is provided here.

Reporting Framework Documents

Operators’ feedback was collected via a standard ‘Reporting Framework’ provided by the Secretariat. The framework provided a clear and easy format for operators to report on different aspects of the Standard, including information on data availability, cost and types of documentation provided to show compliance.  The reporting frameworks used for the RSB Principles & Criteria + Indicators, the RSB Standard on Participating Operators and the RSB Standard on Risk Management is provided here.