Measuring Our Impact

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The RSB is recognized as a global leader for integrity and thoroughness in ensuring the sustainability of biomass, biofuels and biomaterials production. The RSB trademark is a guarantee for sustainable production, including the respect for human rights, food security and the environment as well as a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

RSB developed a Monitoring & Evaluation System in order to determine whether our desired long-term goals are on a path to achievement. In 2015, RSB successfully undertook an independent evaluation against the Code of Good Practice for Assessing the Impacts of Social and Environmental Standards (Impacts Code) that demonstrated overall compliance with the comprehensive requirements of the ISEAL Alliance.

Public System Report

The Public System Report summarizes how our RSB Monitoring & Evaluation system is working. It describes the short-term, mid-terms and long-term effects the RSB is expected to drive in terms of contributing to developing a sustainable bio-based economy.

RSB Public M&E System Report (May 2016)

Outcome Evaluation Report

Outcome evaluation reports are systematic and objective in depth ex-post assessment of the short-term and medium-term results or effects from the implementation of a standards system. These reports seek to shed light on the extent to which standards system’s desired changes are occurring. This report contains outcomes for our first outcome evaluation.

RSB Outcome Evaluation Report

Stakeholder Participation

Public System Report as well as Outcome Evaluation Report are updated annually and circulated among RSB stakeholders for comments and further improvements of the system.

Irrespective of the consultation schedule, comments, questions or complaints on the RSB Monitoring & Evaluation System may be submitted at any time.

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