GMO Expert Group

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To learn about the RSB approach to Genetically Modified Organisms, please click here to read our statement.  In line with preceding versions of the RSB Standard, Version 2  includes paragraphs relating to the use of hazardous technologies, including biotech crops (“Genetically modified organisms or “GMOs”).

The RSB Steering Board requested that an expert group be established to look at a representative sample of national regulations and common or civil liability laws relating to nuisance, trespass and similar issues.

The GMO Expert Group has been evaluating and assessing what (if any) additional GMO-related liabilities could be created by RSB certification for participating operators under the current approved Version 2. The Expert Group will recommend enhancements to RSB guidelines for risk mitigation regarding GMOs, in order to minimize potential liabilities. By doing so, the Expert Group will work to ensure that the RSB standard, in going beyond regulatory requirements, does not create unreasonable liability burdens on participating operators based solely on management decisions and without regard to the environmental, social and economic impacts of those management decisions.

The Terms of Reference for the GMO Expert Group were approved by the Steering Board.

To participate in the GMO Expert Group, please contact