Activities and Projects

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RSB’s main activities are standard development and implementation of the standard through certification and policy work but we are also engaged in a rage of technical, policy and project activities, including advisory services.

We are sought out by industry as well as international and national policy-makers for our knowledge on sustainability of biofuels, bioenergy and bio-products. RSB has actively participated in roadmaps to promote sustainable production of biofuels as well as promoting effective policies in countries and regions around the world such as Mexico, Australia (New South Wales), Thailand, Ethiopia and the USA (California).

RSB also participates in shaping standards and international norms on bioenergy and biomaterials. We also work collaboratively with other standards to identify overlap and facilitate joint certification.  New standards that are under development are also actively interested in RSB’s experience with establishing a standard and especially a multi-stakeholder processes. We have provided input to standards on aluminum and the recycling of electronic materials.

We also develop and implement projects that promote the development and update of the standard. For example, RSB is currently implementing a project on smallholder farmers with the support of the Boeing Corporate Citizenship Program.

We are frequently asked to speak at events and programs around the world about sustainability standards and share our experience with multi-stakeholder processes.

Industry Involvement

CAAFI - RSB is an active participant on the CAAFI Environment Team, led by the FAA, DOT and Airlines for America. The CAAFI Environment Team has been developing a fuel readiness matrix to evaluate the sustainability issues relevant to aviation biofuels. CAAFI’s goal is to promote the development of alternative jet fuel options that offer equivalent levels of safety and compare favorably on cost with petroleum based jet fuel, while also offering environmental improvement and security of energy supply for aviation.

Please see the Secretariat’s Standards workplan for a general overview of activities and projects.

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