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The Assembly of Delegates

The Assembly of Delegates is the highest decision making body of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials.

Each chamber elects up to three Delegates, thus giving each chamber the same weight and influence in decision making. Chamber Delegates represent their chamber at assembly meetings and there they engage with the Delegates of other chambers to deliberate on issues of governance and standard development – and in some cases to vote.  The Assembly approves modifications to the RSB Standard and appoints the Board of Directors to run the affairs of the RSB.


Chamber 1

Growers & Producers

Khoo Hock Aun

Cosmos Biofuel Group (Malaysia) - Chair - Chamber 1 - Growers and Producers

Khoo Hock Aun leads the Cosmo Biofuels Group which is actively engaged in establishing jatropha curcas plantations, biodiesel downstream processing and trading activities in the Asia Pacific region.

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Sam P. Huttenbauer

Great Plains Oil & Exploration LLC (USA) - Chamber 1 - Growers and Producers

Sam Huttenbauer is the CEO of Great Plains Oil and Exploration, a renewable energy corporation which is the leading developer of camelina-based biofuels and biochemicals.

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Samantha Hampton

Sunchem Biofuel Development (South Africa) - Chamber 1 - Growers and Producers

Samantha Hampton is Head of Business Development and Sustainability at Sunchem Biofuel Development South Africa (Sunchem SA).

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Chamber 2

End Users, Blenders & Investors

Darrin Morgan

Boeing (USA) - Chamber 2 - End Users, Blenders and Investors

Darrin Morgan leads strategy development and execution for Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ Sustainable Aviation Fuels Program as Director.

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Frederic Eychenne

Manager of the Airbus Sustainable Aviation Engagement Programme (France) - Chamber 2 - End Users, Blenders and Investors

Frederic Eychenne has been Airbus Sustainable Aviation Engagement Programme Manager since May 2011 within the Environmental Affairs department.

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Ian Cruickshank

South African Airways (RSA) - Chamber 2 - End Users, Blenders and Investors

Ian Cruickshank heads up South African Airways (SAA) Group Environmental Affairs with the goal of ensuring that the SAA Group is the most environmentally sustainable airline group in the world.

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Chamber 3


Abubakar L. Datun

Rural Development Institute of Sultan Kudarat (RDISK) (Philippines) - Chamber 3 - Social

Abubakar L. Datun, based in Tacurong City, Philippines is current Executive Director of the Rural Development Institute of Sultan Kudarat (RDISK), Inc.

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Laxman Neupane

Centre for Empowerment and Development (Nepal) - Chamber 3 - Social

Laxman Neupane, is the Manager for the Centre for Empowerment and Development (CED) Nepal based in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur, Nepal. He joined CED Nepal in 2013 working for the Governance, Human Development and Sustainability Program, and promotes sustainable smallholder biofuels in Nepal.

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Olivier Geneviève

Sucre Ethique (France) - Chamber 3 - Social

Olivier Geneviève is an economist trained at University of Lyon 2 (France) and University of São Paulo (Brazil). He is a professor in international trade at INSEEC (Lyon).

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Chamber 4


Alix Grabowski

WWF (USA) - Chamber 4 - Environmental

Alix Grabowski’s work as Program Officer of Packaging and Material Science with WWF covers all aspects of packaging and material sustainability concerns, including bioplastics and biomaterials.

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Jayant Sarnaik

Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) (India) - Chair - Chamber 4 - Environmental

Jayant Sarnaik, based in Pune, Maharashtra, India is founder member and joint director of the Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF), a conservation NGO.

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Mauro Armelin

Executive Director of Amigos da Terra - Chamber 4 - Environmental

Mauro Armelin

Read More Forest Engineer with a Masters degree in Forest Science from ESALQ / USP,  Mauro has over  twenty years of experience working with various NGOs and at the Brazilian Federal Government.

Chamber 5

UN, Governments & Research

Helena Chum

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA) - Chamber 5 - UN, Governments and Research

Dr. Helena Li Chum is a Research Fellow at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, one of ten in this group.

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Kevin Fingerman

Humboldt State University (USA) - Chamber 5 - UN, Governments and Research

Dr. Kevin Fingerman is an Assistant Professor in the department of Environmental Science and Management at Humboldt State University.

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Meshack Odera Muga

Kenya Forestry Research Institute - KEFRI (Kenya) - Chamber 5 - UN, Governments and Research

Meshack has been employed by KEFRI since 1990 and is now a Principal Research Officer charged with problem analysis, project development and management, science writing, formulation of policy briefs, information dissemination, monitoring and evaluation, training, partnerships and networking.

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Who we are


RSB could not exist without its members.

Who we are

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the RSB.

Who we are

RSB Secretariat

Runs the process to develop and revise the RSB standard.

About Us

The RSB offers trusted, credible tools and solutions for sustainability and biomaterials certification that mitigate business risk, fuels the bioeconomy and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that enables the protection of ecosystems and the promotion of food security.

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